Current Projects (2016-2017)

  1.  Grant MacEwan food systems management – For the 2016-2017 school year MacEwan has hired to take care of all food growth systems on site which includes Urban Cultivators (located in cafeteria), Tower Gardens (located in main stairwell) and soon to come Aquaponics.

Previous Projects (2016)

  1. Entire Front Yard – This project took us a week, we cleared a tree installed a Hugel Kulture, along with a swale, planted perennials and added a cute rock garden on corner of lot.


  2. Entire Front Yard  This project was one of our very first, it took us one and a half weeks. We cleared the original design and began planting native plants, installed a Hugel Kulture along with a garden bed for vegetables then we mulched three paths for access around the property.
  3. Giant Hugel Kulture – This was a very unique project. It took us a day to do. We dug the hole filled it with wood, organic matter and then dressed it back up with what we had removed. We planted Thyme and Oregno. Over time the wood and organic matter we had buried will begin to decompose which then will give nutrients to whatever is planted.
  4. Back Yard – Here we tided the yard, gathered all compost to organize it into a composter we built. Then we planted some goji berries, currants, and raspberries against the fence.