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Our Team

Marcin Makarewicz, BSc, PDC

Marcin Makarewicz, BSc, PDC

Vice-President, COO Marcin Makarewicz is a UAlberta alumnus (Nutrition and Food Business Management, 2017) with an abiding passion for sustainability, permaculture, food, community and how they intersect. They also hold a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) from KZ Permaculture. Marcin served as president of the U of A Sustainable Food Initiative and as manager of the Dickinsfield Blooms community garden.
Kaz Haykowsky, BA, PDC

Kaz Haykowsky, BA, PDC

Vice-President, CEO, Team Manager Kaz holds a degree in Human Geography from the University of Alberta and a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) from Verge Permaculture. He is passionate about sustainable, equitable and healthy cities and good food. Kaz is an experienced permaculture designer and expert landscape installer who has managed dozens of projects. He is the chief designer and team leader at Spruce Permaculture, so if you are booking a consultation or work, you are likely working with him!
Andrew Gabinet, HET

Andrew Gabinet, HET

Vice-President, CTO

Andy is a heavy duty mechanic by trade and is the engine of Spruce Permaculture. He’s got a mind for technical systems from hydraulics to hydroponics and applies his expertise to find creative solutions to all kinds of problems.

Andy is the consummate handyperson who can handle the trickiest aspects of any Spruce job without blinking an eye.

Nathan Binnema

Bookkeeper & Landscaper

Rowan Keating

Carpenter & Landscaper

Leslie Bush


Sabrina Erker


Our Values

Passion for Sustainability

We believe that what we do in our homes and yards can have a big impact on the world. We can grow more food, store more water, and create greater bidiversity in the city.

Food is a Human Right

Everyone should have access to the space, skills, and community to grow healthy, nutritionally dense, sustainable food.

Dedication to community

We can’t live sustainably without a sustainable community. We strive to give back to the mentors, friends and youth around us by providing good work, education and connection.

Building Better Cities

We believe in the need for biophilic cities which invite nature into every day and every hour of our urban life, starting in our own backyards.

A Love of Wild Spaces

Nature is the ultimate guide and teacher; wild spaces are our classrooms. Let your yard be inspired by nature’s elegance. 

Always Learning

We have something to learn from every interaction with every piece of land and every person, we just have to listen.

Our Projects (Coming Soon)

Low Maintenance Yards


Food Forests

Permaculture gives us a toolkit

for moving from a culture of

fear and scarcity to one of

love and abundance.

- Toby Hemenway