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COVID-19 Response

At Spruce Permaculture, our top priority is the health of our community and our team. To decrese the risk of spreading COVID-19 we are implementing new processes to limit everyone’s exposure as we continue to work towards community food resilience.

Social Distancing

Our team is now working remotely  -behind our computers and in the workshop- and practicing social distancing as we prepare for the growing season.

To maintain social distancing we are offering the option of consultations and workshops via tele-conference or video-conference. Using online tools we are prepared to deliver the same level of service as if we were able to meet in person.


For on-site consultations our designer will maintain 2m social distancing and wear an N95 mask.

Clients may request a ‘closed site’ in which we will stake off a work area and buffer zone to ensure everyone observes social distancing guidelines.¬†

Hygiene Plan

All sites and crews will be provided with clean water, soap and alcohol disinfectant and will be expected to wash hands often, when arriving to or leaving the site, before and after meals.

Vehicles and tools are sanitized daily with an Alberta Health Services approved sanitizing solution.

Our crews wear coveralls on the jobsite which are sanitized daily to minimize transmission to and from home.

Wellness Policy

We care about the health and well-being of our employees and offer all the support we can to ensure that they stay healthy and happy. The nature of our work brings us into close physical contact with each other and this cannot be helped.

If any employee exhibits any symptoms of illness we will follow the most up-to-date isolation guidelines provided by the Chief Medial Officer of Alberta as well as notifying clients whose property we have visited recently.

Employees who fall ill are entitled to unlimited sick leave and will be supported in getting the resources they need for them and their families to thrive.

Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance

- Toby Hemenway