We regularly host Workshops and Events
across the greater Edmonton region

Permaculture Basic Skills

We teach some of the basic techniques we use on a daily bases when on the job site. These skills can then be used in your own backyard or on your friends and familys yards.

Macewan Food Systems Tour

We welcome you on a tour in partnership with Sustainability MacEwan to showcase their projects that we manage which include tower gardens, aquaponics system and a urban cultivator system. Please stay tuned for tour dates.

Pit Cooking with Spruce

Sounds delicious, well it is. We show you how to cook in a pit just like Francis Malman from “Chef’s Table” does. We will first dig deep, then have a nice toasty fire to warm coals and place fresh produce in the dug out.

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Permablitzes leverage community support to get a big job done with many hands and a light budget. Bring out your community (and ours) under the guidance of Spruce Permaculture to provide labour for your project in exchange for educational opportunities, lunch, refreshments and connection to a community for future permablitzes in the city.


Follow what the Spruce Permaculture crew is up to and discover some of our musings about food, ecology and communtity.

In an increasingly chaotic world, find sanctuary in your surroundings.

– Kaz Haykowsky